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5 Tips for Creating a Personal Style You Love!

Over the past 30+ years, Ginger Burr, President of Total Image Consultants, believed that your image is about representing the best of you, not making designers happy. Burr has built a remarkable career as an expert personal image consultant working with women from all over the world and from all walks of life. Whether it’s the “dynasty” shoulder pad era, the never-ending confusion of business casual, or the ‘work from home’ mandate in 2020, she has helped women navigate through (and sometimes completely ignore!) the styles of the season and feel good about how they look. Here are 5 tips for creating your own personal style.

1. Always wear your best colors.  Wearing colors that flatter you makes you look and feel great, makes shopping more fun and productive and even helps your wardrobe mix and match more easily.  When in doubt, deep teal, watermelon and forest green are colors that look good on many people.


2. Be authentic.  One of the most powerful (and empowering) actions you can take when creating your personal style is to dress in a way that fully expresses who you are and what makes you YOU. This is your ‘inner beauty’ – that part of you that makes you unique and special. When your wardrobe reflects your inner beauty, you give clues to others as to who you are and become a magnet for connecting with the people who enjoy your personal form of self-expression. 


3. Choose accessories you love.  Beautiful jewelry, a distinctive bag and well-made shoes (none of which has to be expensive) speak volumes about who you are. This is not about being ostentatious. Using your ,accessories to add visual interest to an outfit is one more way to take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary in a way that fully expresses who you are.


4. Don’t shop for clothes when you’re tired, desperate (you need it that night!) or crabby.  If you do, chances are good you’ll find nothing you like or (worse!) spend money on something you don’t feel good wearing.


5. Buy it and wear it only if you love it!  There’s no exception to this rule. When you settle for ‘good enough when making wardrobe choices, eventually you end up with a closet full of ‘good enough’ outfits instead of ones that make your heart sing. Make this your shopping mantra and watch it positively impact your wardrobe forever.

Ginger is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and is a notable speaker and leader in the field of fashion and style. Her adroit understanding of beauty trends and fashion has been celebrated by Fox TV News, The Boston Globe, MORE, Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes Magazine, and Allure Magazine.  She has also directed corporate seminars for some of the world’s most prestigious organizations including Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, the U.S. Army, Fidelity Investments and Unilever. In addition, Ginger is the author of That’s So You! Create a Look You Love with Beauty, Style and Grace! In 2020, she created a one-of-a-kind live online masterclass called, ‘Create Your Personal Style in 6 Weeks” which guides participants to overcome the obstacles and learn the skills they need to create a wardrobe they love all from the comfort of their own home and with Ginger’s personal guidance.

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