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Award-Winning and Banned Book Author Launches Next Queer Leadership Book

"The Gay Leadership Dude®" is proud to announce the launch of his groundbreaking new book, Your Queer Career®: Workplace Advice from The Gay Leadership Dude®. This book, by Dr. Steve Yacovelli, tackles the unique challenges that LGBTQ+ professionals encounter in the workplace, answering real-world questions from Queer and Ally leaders by blending expert advice, personal stories, and a dash of humor to guide readers towards career success.

"Your Queer Career®" is introduced at a critical moment when the expectation for workplace inclusivity and productivity is higher than ever. It addresses the added complexities of career advancement for the LGBTQ+ community, with Dr. Steve using his 30+ years' experience working with major organizations like Disney, IBM, TD Bank, Merck, PBS, Bayer, and many more to inspire and transform the modern workplace into a space of genuine authenticity and belonging.

Book Highlights

  • Fostering Authenticity in the Workplace: "Your Queer Career®" empowers LGBTQ+ readers to embrace and express their true selves within their workplace.

  • Navigating Leadership Challenges: The book shares effective strategies to address microaggressions and other workplaces issues in leadership.

  • Enhancing Employee Resource Groups: "Your Queer Career® shares much advice for those leading Employee Resource Groups, to help them turn their teams to be more impactful.

  • Comprehensive Support: Dr. Steve's perspective offers tested advice that enables Queer and Ally individuals to thrive in their careers, while fully embracing and respecting their unique selves.

Leveraging his significant experience in leadership and diversity consulting, Dr. Steve Yacovelli offers actionable advice that profoundly connects with individuals eager to align their professional endeavors with their personal identity.

Notable Endorsement

Larra Clark, Deputy Director at the Public Library Association, endorses Dr. Steve's work, stating, "Your Queer Career is a must-read for LGBTQ+ individuals looking to make a lasting impact in their professional lives. This book is not only thought-provoking but also a source of inspiration for any professional striving for excellence."

A Unique Contribution to Career Literature

This publication comes after Dr. Steve's last award-winning book, Pride Leadership: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Leader to be the King or Queen of their Jungle (2019) was banned by a U.S. Congressional Committee led by Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in 2023, showcasing his courage to not shy away from potentially controversial issues in professional development. "Your Queer Career®" elevates this daring approach, offering a much-needed resource for both LGBTQ+ and Ally leaders.


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