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Bookeeps LLC: Championing Diversity and Inclusivity in Financial Services with a Personal Touch

Bookeeps LLC emerges as a beacon of reliability and customized solutions in the dynamic world of business finance, where numbers tell stories and ledgers reveal profound insights. At the helm of this innovative, online bookkeeping and accounting firm stands Richard Dorman, famously known as Queens’ beloved baldy  bookkeeper. His infectious charisma combined with unmatched professional expertise doesn't just represent Bookeeps—it embodies the vibrant spirit propelling its success.


What sets Bookeeps apart in the crowded financial services sector is its unique fusion of accounting precision with the warmth of personalized interaction. Richard's distinctive bald charm and approachable demeanor have transformed the financial management landscape, making it more accessible and engaging for entrepreneurs.


Understanding the thin line between triumph and turmoil in business, Bookeeps transcends traditional number-crunching. They act as trusted navigators through the tumultuous waters of administrative errors, steering businesses towards financial solidity and expansion. Richard’s guiding principle, “Better Books Better Business,” is more than a slogan; it's the bedrock of the firm's philosophy.


Bookeeps proudly serves an eclectic mix of clients, from non-profits to leading names in finance, entertainment, and advertising. This diverse clientele reflects the firm's versatility and commitment to meeting the unique demands of various industries. Moreover, Bookeeps takes pride in being a 100% minority-owned LGBTQ business, enriching its ethos of inclusivity and progressive values.


Their journey is a testament to the evolving landscape of accounting and bookkeeping services. Anticipating the digital shift, Bookeeps adeptly transitioned to a remote operation model in late 2019, a strategic adaptation to the fast-evolving digital age.


At Bookeeps, bookkeeping is more than mere numbers; it’s about deeply understanding each business's unique narrative. Recognizing that a business represents a dream and a passion for many, Bookeeps delivers bespoke financial services that not only balance the books but also echo the dreams and achievements of their clients.


With over two decades of experience, Bookeeps offers comprehensive services, including advanced web-based accounting, efficient financial statement preparation, and forward-thinking financial analysis. Their commitment to excellence lies not just in maintaining orderly books but in providing insights and strategies to foster business growth.


Led by Richard Dorman, Bookeeps transcends traditional bookkeeping roles, acting as financial advisors, problem-solvers, and partners in the path to success. From the complexities of ledger management to the nuances of financial modeling, Bookeeps possesses the acumen to navigate these challenges with ease.


Bookeeps's promise extends beyond their offerings. They provide a complimentary 30-minute consultation, showcasing their confidence in delivering value to every business. This gesture reflects their philosophy of nurturing relationships rather than merely expanding their client base.


Bookeeps stands as a testament to how personalized service, coupled with professional excellence, can revolutionize an industry. Guided by the charismatic and proficient Richard Dorman, Bookeeps is not just a financial services provider but a partner in the journey towards your business's success. To discover their distinctive approach to bookkeeping and accounting, visit their website

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