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Equality Fashion Week 2024 Amplifies Voices of the Underrepresented in the Face of Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

Equality Fashion Week 2024 will be hosted by NiK Kacy, Rose Garcia, and Notable Queers and Allies, as EFW Showcases the Power of Inclusivity in Fashion. Scheduled from May 15-19, this event is expected to be another landmark showcase celebrating diversity, highlighting the intersection of queer and Asian identities to coincide with AAPI Heritage Month. As the first LGBTQ+ focused Fashion Week in Los Angeles, EFW's mission goes beyond showcasing talent by aiming to break barriers and foster unity among underrepresented members of the QTBIPOC community.

EFW 2024 is set to be a landmark event from May 15-19, with a lineup of notable designers such as Dapper Boi, Origami Customs, Sharpe Suiting, and Adolfo Sanchez, of Netflix’s “Next in Fashion”, who bring their unique perspectives and wild creativity to the runway. The fashion show will also feature appearances by influential figures in the LGBTQ+ community, including Aidan Park, Alexander Tries, Bamby Salcedo, Jazzmun, Karina Samala, Maria Roman, Rain Valdez, Rosalyne Blumstein, Rose Montoya, Sepi Shyne, and even 90s pop icon & LGBTQ+ ally, Marcella Detroit, from The Shakespeare Sisters. Performances include Trans Chorus of LA, Little Dinosaur, Chihsuan, and more, with additional announcements forthcoming.

Equality Fashion Week proudly partners with Hotel Ziggy and The West Hollywood EDITION to host this year’s landmark events, offering beautiful and safe spaces for both the opening and closing takeovers at Hotel Ziggy, and the exquisite fashion show at The West Hollywood EDITION ballroom. These partnerships are a testament to our shared commitment to creating inclusive environments where all attendees can celebrate diversity, fashion and unity in unparalleled style and comfort.

At the heart of Equality Fashion Week 2024, the E3 (Educate, Enrich, Empower) Summit at Fan Girl Cafe serves as a pivotal platform for dialogue and learning. The summit features insights from luminaries such as on-air personality and journalist, Tracy Gilchrist, published author Zara Barrie, “The Oprah of LinkedIn '' Goldie Chan, and the award-winning activist and musician Ryan Cassata, offering a dynamic exploration of the LGBTQ+ experience . Central to the summit is the "Legacy of Courage: Celebrating LGBTQ+ Elders" panel with OUTWords Archive, a tribute to the trailblazers of our community, including legend Bamby Salcedo.

In an exciting partnership with The Queer Mercado, known for being the first permanent LGBTQ+ feature in the community that takes place on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month at the East LA Civic Center, Equality Fashion Week 2024 introduces the Queer Market East and West. This unique collaboration brings a special edition of The Queer Mercado to EFW, with the Queer Market East set for May 18th at the East LA Civic Center venue, and the Queer Market West, including a lively queer pool party with Pearl Pool Party, at Hotel Ziggy on May 19th, in the only saltwater pool in West Hollywood.

Event Highlights

- May 15 - Multi-Experience Opening Party at Hotel Ziggy celebrating key local queer promoters.

- May 16 - E3 Summit at Fan Girl Cafe addressing topics from financial wellness to queer culture and entrepreneurship.

- May 18-19 - Queer Market East & West in partnership with The Queer Mercado supporting LGBTQ+ businesses and communities.

- May 18 - Fashion Show at The West Hollywood EDITION showcasing inclusive designs and models affirming EFW's commitment to diversity.

In light of current challenges, EFW's representation is crucial. There is a call for support and solidarity at this event as now is a time for human rights, equality and empowerment of underrepresented voices worldwide. EFW aims to reach a global audience, providing a space where inclusivity is not just celebrated but normalized. Plans include streaming events globally to reach all audiences and normalize inclusivity.

For more information on Equality Fashion Week 2024, please visit

NiK Kacy Presents is the innovative force behind Equality Fashion Week, Queer Prom, and various inclusive events aimed at providing empowerment and representation for LGBTQ+ communities. As a Queer, Trans Masculine, Nonbinary, Asian immigrant, Kacy infuses their heritage, identity, and fervent activism into every aspect of their work. This fusion makes NiK Kacy Presents Equality Fashion Week the embodiment of Kacy’s lifelong commitment to diversity, inclusion, and societal transformation.

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