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Factuality Pride Combats LGBTQ+ Discrimination with Gamification

Factuality, a leader in experiential learning, has launched in partnership with Gaybors Agency, "Factuality Pride," a groundbreaking experiential crash course, designed to address inequities within the LGBTQ+ community. As Factuality Pride embarks on its mission to illuminate the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people, it signifies a crucial milestone in the ongoing journey towards equity for all. 

Factuality Pride goes beyond traditional educational approaches, offering an innovative and immersive experience that delves into the fact based limitations impacting the LGBTQ+ community. This facilitated dialogue, crash course, and interactive experience equips program attendees with a nuanced understanding of the intersecting factors that compound inequality. "The program's success lies not just in its capacity to gamify fact-based inequities, delicately, but also in its proven ability to expand perspectives, within minutes," says Founder, Natalie Gillard. "By addressing fact based realities head-on, Factuality Pride aims to be a catalyst for transformative change in LGBTQ+ education and awareness."

"Gaybors Agency is thrilled to announce an expansion of our services for agencies and brands through a strategic partnership with Factuality Pride. This enhanced training experience aligns with our ongoing mission of education and inspiration, shedding light on the authentic experiences within the LGBTQ+ community. Underlining important conversations, the training addresses the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community. As we anticipate the year ahead, we recognize the increasing importance of Factuality Pride in advocating for kindness, acceptance, and visibility within the gayborhood, both in and out of the workplace," stated Todd Murray, President of Gaybors Agency.


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