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Get to Know TJ Hernandez: Creative Director at The Colibri Collective

TJ Hernandez is a dynamic queer leader, advocate, and entrepreneur, dedicated to fostering inclusivity through her innovative graphic design work. As the Creative Director at The Colibri Collective, an award-winning, Latina-owned full-service marketing agency in Phoenix, TJ brings a profound dedication to advancing progressive values and creating a more equitable future.

Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and raised by her grandmother, TJ developed a deep appreciation for her heritage and a strong sense of community from a young age. She graduated from the Arts Institute of New York City in 2010 while working as a designer at FIERCE, a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging LGBTQ youth of color in community organizing against social injustices in NYC.

TJ’s career spans various non-profits, where she contributed her design expertise to causes centered on social justice and community engagement. Although she spent some time in the corporate sector collaborating with department managers of Whole Foods Market to enhance customer experience, she recommitted herself to social justice when she joined Progress Arizona as the Multimedia Coordinator. She produced more than 800+ graphics advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, education funding, reproductive justice, and other social justice issues.

Inspired by her grandmother’s legacy, TJ founded Bruha Design Agency in 2020. Bruha Agency was founded with a mission to make dreams accessible and empower other entrepreneurs with marketing support. Their approach to tailoring each project and individual is to bring the idea to fruition with honesty, quality, and teamwork with the same compassion and resiliency that was passed down to her.

In January 2024, TJ was appointed Creative Director of The Colibri Collective, where she continues to amplify marginalized voices and foster positive change. Her inclusive and unwavering dedication to serving diverse needs is evident in every project, as she collaborates with nonprofit clients and businesses across sectors.

Through her leadership, advocacy, and entrepreneurial spirit, TJ is not just rewriting the narrative of success but redefining it. Her journey is a testament to her vision and resilience, a powerful reminder of the transformative power of building a more equitable world.TJ’s dedication to advocacy is prominent. As a queer Latina, she embodies empowerment, inspiring others to embrace their unique identities and push the boundaries of artistic expression and freedom.

The Colibri Collective is an award-winning, women-owned, full-service marketing agency providing a collective of talent with experience and expertise in all things marketing. Since 2017, Colibri Collective has served various clients from the political, nonprofit, and education sectors. They focus on delivering elevated strategies that ignite emotion and, most importantly, results. The collective talent of The Colibri Collective team brings different cultures and backgrounds together to create projects that inspire. The Colibri Collective is proud to support the LGTBQIA+ community and will continue to serve people from all different backgrounds.


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