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Heal to Lead: New Book from Genderfluid, Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach

The strategies we create throughout childhood become the foundation for how we live, lead, and love. Oftentimes that shows up as a spectrum between people-pleasing and people-controlling styles. When we don’t take responsibility for our traumatic childhood experiences and do the inner work of integration, low-consciousness manifests in ways that are against balance; it thrives on separation, extraction, hierarchy, and homogeneity.


In contrast, the practice of high-conscious leadership includes healing, developing community, and restoring our relationship with the land. Making the correlation between unprocessed trauma and your leadership style helps shift the trajectory of your life and your organization, create impact in your community, and help reshape the world you want to live in.


Former CEO turned Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach Kelly L. Campbell (they/she) explains four fundamentals for uncovering your high-conscious leadership in their new book Heal to Lead: Revolutionizing Leadership through Trauma Healing (Wiley; published April 30, 2024).

“Even though we did not consent to trauma, nor were any of our negative experiences our fault, we are responsible for our own healing. When we actively choose to process the trauma that has shaped who we've become as leaders, we are better able to develop self-awareness, enact clear boundaries, embody vulnerability, lead with compassion, and light the way for others,” says Kelly.


Heal to Lead is for emerging and established leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs who know they are meant for more—and who innately know that there has to be a better way to be in the world.


Kelly, who is genderfluid and proudly part of the LGBTQIA+ community, walks alongside you as you unpack and process what's been buried within your psyche.


If what got you to this point may now be the very thing that is holding you back, then Heal to Lead was written for you. This book is an unvarnished, powerful, and unique perspective on remembering our true nature as high-conscious leaders.




"In Heal to Lead, Kelly L. Campbell takes a revolutionary approach to leadership. High-conscious leadership is needed today more than ever, and Kelly provides the blueprint. As we collectively wake up as a society, this book is a treasured guide. Kelly understands that empathy, vulnerability, and compassion are the foundation of all great leaders. She also understands that until we take responsibility to do the work and heal our trauma, we cannot fully embody who we want to become. Her work is a paradigm shift in every sense of the word."—Dr. Nicole LePera, #1 New York Times bestselling author of How To Do the Work

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