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Innovation and Sustainability Top of Mind as GoDaddy Evolves Business

With its 2023 Sustainability Report released today, GoDaddy highlights continued strides on its corporate sustainability strategy, commitments and goals in support of GoDaddy's mission to empower entrepreneurs everywhere, making opportunity more inclusive for all.

The top takeaways from the 2023 report include:

GoDaddy supports its customers with innovative technology, resources and best-in-class human-centered guidance. 

  • GoDaddy harnessed the power of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to launch GoDaddy AiroTM, a breakthrough experience that simplifies the customer journey by instantly generating a branded logo, customized website, tailored content, communications, social marketing and more.

  • Venture Forward, a GoDaddy research initiative, conducted its tenth nationwide survey of over 3,500 microbusiness entrepreneurs (those with fewer than 10 employees) in the U.S. and U.K. to better understand the current trends, needs and other insights into microbusinesses. Key 2023 U.S. survey findings included how 1 in 7 microbusinesses started since the pandemic were founded by Black women and 1 in 3 microbusinesses contribute 51% or more to household income.

  • GoDaddy employees served nearly 2,900 small and microbusiness owners through 250 workshops and more than 1,450 one-on-one mentorship sessions via Empower by GoDaddy, the company’s signature global social impact program focused on digital skilling and business development for entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

GoDaddy’s leadership remains committed to fostering an inclusive culture and building a workforce that reflects the diversity of GoDaddy’s global customer base. 

  • GoDaddy maintained gender pay parity (globally) for the ninth consecutive year and ethnicity pay parity (in the U.S.) for the seventh consecutive year.

  • 80% of GoDaddy employees participated in the company’s annual engagement survey, in which GoDaddy achieved an average score of 90 out of 100 on the question, “Employees on my team treat each other with respect.”

  • GoDaddy’s culture of experimentation catapulted many ideas into actual customer solutions, with employees conducting over 1,700 controlled experiments, a 33% increase over 2022.

GoDaddy made continued strides operating ethically and protecting the environment. 

  • GoDaddy achieved its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions goal to reduce its scope 1 and 2 (market-based) emissions by 50% from its 2019 baseline – two years earlier than anticipated.

  • GoDaddy launched a Supplier Diversity Program to promote inclusion of diverse and small businesses in GoDaddy’s supply chain sourcing processes.

  • GoDaddy’s AI and Machine Learning Governance Council helped minimize risks posed by GenAI, such as misinformation or algorithmic bias, and put appropriate guardrails and risk management measures in place for ethical GenAI use by employees.

GoDaddy’s consistent and transparent reporting showcases the company’s progress in building a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive society while outlining areas for future growth. Through innovation and discipline, GoDaddy team members will continue to create value for their customers, shareholders, employees and communities.

Read GoDaddy’s 2023 Sustainability Report here.

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