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LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur Lisa Rizzo Launches Limitless Slides to Empower Individuals from All Walks of Life

Lisa Rizzo, Founder of Limitless Slides®, is renowned for her groundbreaking work in developing The VBS System®—Visualization, Body Language, and Self-Talk. This revolutionary approach to mindset, mental rehearsal, and the Law of Attraction is transforming lives worldwide.

From humble beginnings and overcoming many childhood obstacles, Lisa discovered her passion for sports, particularly softball, which became her escape and drive. As a standout athlete, she excelled in college, leading her team to the NCAA World Series during her senior year—a testament to her tenacity and leadership.

After college, Lisa dedicated herself to sharing the mental strategies that fueled her success. She began with outdoor softball lessons, quickly gaining recognition for her unique focus on both physical skills and mindset. This led to the opening of her softball facility, Challenge U. Softball®, in 2011, now one of the largest softball training companies in the country.

In 2017, Lisa launched The VBS System®, an innovative framework integrating visualization, body language, and self-talk. Through workshops and coaching, she has empowered individuals across the nation to unlock their full potential and achieve unprecedented results.

In 2021, Lisa was gifted with the idea to create empowerment footwear. She was attending one of her softball clinics and noticed what hundreds of athletes were wearing on their feet as they walked onto the field - before putting on their cleats. They had their gear, uniform, and appeared ready to go besides their footwear.

She thought to herself…

"These athletes should be prepping themselves through the VBS System® as they are about to perform. What if I integrate the VBS System® on the things that take us everywhere in life… through every moment, every chapter, every season - our feet."

And this is the moment Limitless Slides® were born.

Limitless Slides® were born to remind people - from all walks of life - of the greatness within them. A gentle reminder that we all have the ability to create ourselves into the person we want to be and the life we desire to have. A gentle reminder to dream big and set visions without limits. And a gentle reminder to give yourself grace and ease on the journey towards your vision.

A Limitless Vision.

Visit Limitless Slides for more info or to purchase.


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