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LGBTQ Woman of Color Starts Initiative To Change The Narrative On How Brands' Marketing Messages Can Promote Social Good

SOKO, the Cannes Lions Award-winning Brazilian independent agency, is unveiling its new unit and methodology, Walk, to showcase its unique creative approach in combating persistent, negative imagery in marketing messages as part of its work with Unstereotype Alliance Brazil Chapter. The commitment was signed during the mission to the Unstereotype Alliance Global Members Summit in New York City.


The Unstereotype Alliance Global Member Summit is hosted annually by Unstereotype Alliance, an initiative convened by UN Women, the United Nations´ specialized entity for gender equality and women's empowerment, at the United Nations Headquarters. The conference brings together a diverse group of advertising and media industry leaders who share a common goal of achieving diversity, equality and inclusion across the industry and in their work to create an unstereotyped world and equality for all. The gathering is in its seventh year and it is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Brazil National Chapter.


Walk and the Commitment Letter were developed by Gabriela Rodrigues, SOKO's Vice President of Impact, who recognized the need for a dedicated social impact division within the larger agency structure. Co-CEOs Felipe Simi and Brisa Vicente will also participate at the summit. The initiative intends to change the narrative on how brands marketing messages can promote social good. 


SOKO is the only agency signing a commitment to ensure that its work reflects diversity and the dismantling of invidious, persistent stereotypes that continue to pervade the advertising industry; the agency also initiated the proposal to create the pledge.


“By taking this pledge and creating Walk, we hope to advance and support brands in business and moral principles,” said Rodrigues. “I’m excited by the opportunity to show that branding is possible through social impact. This is how advertising can be more relevant in society.”


According to Daniele Godoy, head of Brazil National Chapter of Unstereotype Alliance, "The ‘ Walk’ ‘is a concrete initiative on how to initiate discussions with brands so that marketing and their products contribute to changing social norms, breaking stereotypes, and reinforcing that being diverse is creative. This discussion opens doors for deep dialogues within company teams through innovation and creativity in campaigns.


This prestigious event unites an assembly of professionals from the advertising and media industry, along with academics, researchers, and gender equality advocates. They collaborate with a shared mission to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within their fields, aiming to build a world free from stereotypes and to promote equality for all. 


In addition to advertising and media luminaries, the Unstereotype Alliance is represented by 237 members including the 12 national chapters around the world.


SOKO's participation in this event is a testament to their ongoing efforts to create impactful, stereotype-free advertising. The agency’s notable work includes the acclaimed "A Seat in the Sun" campaign for Dove; “Uncomfortable Food” for Stella Artois; and “Game Her” for Guaraná”. These three campaigns align with Walk's vision and have earned prestigious Cannes Lions awards in 2023.

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