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Liberty Mutual Shows their LGBTQ Pride

Provide an overview of our ERG and how many members you have.

Pride@Liberty launched in 2014 and provides an open space for over 5,000 LGBTQ+ employees and allies in the U.S. Pride works to create community and belonging, provide opportunities for career development, raise awareness, build partnerships across the company, and foster an environment that supports and improves the experience for LGBTQ+ employees.

What types of events and initiatives do you run?

As a key voice for the LGBTQ+ community, the ERG engages members through robust event programming to highlight the unique lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people and educate members on LGBTQ+ topics. Events are open to all and highlight topics of importance, such as parenting as an LGBTQ+ person, the gender spectrum, and more. Through the ERG’s career development mentorship program, they pair over 100 mentor/mentees a year.

Recognizing that active allyship is central to creating an inclusive community within the company, the ERG created a Certified Allies Program to provide foundational knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace, as well as guide employees on how they can be active and engaged allies.

To help the company build a more inclusive environment, Pride has partnered with the benefits team to ensure policies reflect the multidimensionality of employees and advocated for gaining a better understanding of all facets of employee diversity to better serve and support our internal community. Liberty Mutual now has a self-identification system that allows U.S. employees to voluntarily disclose their gender, veteran and current military status and self-identify as transgender, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, in addition to variety of benefits that are inclusive to all, such as gender-affirming care or adoption and surrogacy benefits that do not require a medical diagnosis of infertility.

Beyond the U.S., Liberty Mutual’s DEI team is focused on building similar networks for LGBTQ+ employees and allies. Pride@Liberty has supported these efforts by looking to build community globally with a network of LGBTQ+ employees and allies who come together to build connection.

As a result of the company’s holistic approach to supporting LGBTQ+ employees, for six consecutive years, Liberty Mutual has received a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index.

How do you engage with external LGBTQ+ charities and organizations?

To connect with the LGBTQ+ community outside of the company, Liberty Mutual partners with organizations like Out and Equal, in addition to a variety of local organization to support LGBTQ+ Pride month globally. Since 2019, employees have supported 25+ LGBTQ+ organizations providing nearly $150,000 in donations with company match and other incentives.

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