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LinkedIn and Impact Media Collaborate on ‘Out @ Work’ Guide to Navigating the Invisible Roadblocks of PRIDE

LinkedIn and Impact Media have collaborated to launch the 2024 ‘Out @ Work’ Guide to Navigating the Invisible Roadblocks of PRIDE. Making space for queer professionals in the workplace has reached major strides in recent years. Thanks to the work of incredible activists globally and equity and inclusion strategies, the conversation around queer acceptance and joy at work is becoming increasingly normalized. Even still, there’s work to be done, especially when it comes to ensuring that the workplace is grounded in inclusion and safety for all employees. 

“Queer people are queer all year long, not just 30 days in June [Pride month]. Employees want to feel safe and included the other 11 months of the year, too, " states LGBTQ+ LinkedIn Career Expert Andrew McCaskill. "My generation of gay professionals got a job and it was wait and hope-for-the-best. Younger professionals are using technology and bolder interviewing techniques to find great companies where they can be OUT, PROUD AND PAID!”

In fact, while new data from LinkedIn says that 66% of LGBTQ+ professionals say they have an ally at work, 75% of LGBTQ+ professionals have also code-switched in the workplace—showing the roadblocks that they may not see yet still exist to overcome.

While challenges like the pressure to code-switch, advancing to senior positions and finding community both in and outside of work still remain in 2024, what’s changed are the tools and conversations now available to aid queer professionals in navigating these often anxiety-inducing environments. LinkedIn reached out to Impact Media to release your go-to guide to “navigating the invisible roadblocks” LGBTQ+ professionals face at work—from finding equitable representation to breaking a path to upward mobility.

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