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Stanford LGBTQ+ Executive Leadership Program to Gather in July

In 2016, the Stanford Graduate School of Business first opened its doors to introduce an inspiring program tailored for promising LGBTQ+ leaders. This July, Stanford will welcome its path-breaking 7th class for the Stanford LGBTQ Leadership Program 2024Eligible candidates can learn more and apply online by the June 7, 2024 deadline to join this year’s class.


The Stanford program was not only first-of-its-kind from a leading business school but is also recognized today as the longest-running specialized LGBTQ+ leadership program. In just a few years, the Stanford program has attracted nearly 250 leaders from five continents and virtually all business sectors. Some describe the experience as “life-changing” and “transformational.” All savor the growing professional networks and bonds of friendship they formed.


In case you missed it! The co-directors of the Stanford LGBTQ+ Executive Leadership program hosted an information-packed webinar including frank talks with past program participants about their experience in the program and the serious challenges facing the next generations of LGBTQ+ leaders.

Watch the recording here >>Erasmo Sanchez Herrera, Vice President – Global Division at the National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, and a participant in the 2023 cohort of the LGBTQ Executive Leadership Program said:


“My confidence and resilience overall truly underscore the program’s power to embrace individual leadership styles. I left Stanford feeling far better equipped to navigate the complexities of leadership, know our strengths, and continue to drive positive change within my organization and beyond.”


Stanford spearheads this unique academic exercise as a way to build careers while expanding networks for LGBTQ+ business and nonprofit leaders – encouraging them to lead with authenticity and confidence.  The program offers practical tools, strategic insights, and valuable support from a rising global cohort of LGBTQ+ leaders.


Participants are encouraged to draw on their identities as a source of strength while helping create inclusive workplaces where all can thrive. The ultimate goal: is to develop powerful leaders who will increase LGBTQ+ representation worldwide in the C-suite, on corporate boards, and in strategic causes and nonprofits.


For more information and to apply, please visit: Stanford LGBTQ Leadership Program 2024

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