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TD Bank Launches "Chosen First Name" Feature to Help Drive Inclusive Banking Experiences

TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®, today announced the launch of the Chosen First Name feature, offering customers the option to use a first name that is different from their legal or given name on their online accounts and cards. TD’s Chosen First Name feature is made available through Odyssey, TD’s innovative retail sales and servicing platform. The initiative creates an inclusive and welcoming experience, empowers customers to be their authentic selves and is one of the many ways TD Bank is staying committed to its Unexpectedly Human brand promise store by store.


TD serves its customers throughout culturally diverse communities with a human-centric approach to banking. “Chosen First Name reflects TD’s unwavering commitment to furthering inclusion for the communities we serve and seamlessly blends advanced technology with community-driven innovation,” said Stephanie Eckersley-Ray, Program Delivery Executive, and LGBTQ2+ Business Executive Lead, TD Bank. “The Chosen First Name initiative allows us to respect customer preferences and create more personalized interactions, while embracing inclusivity for culturally diverse and immigrant communities, as well as the gender-expansive and transgender community.”


Most recently, TD Bank was recognized as a “Leader in LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion” for the 14th consecutive year by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, reflecting the bank’s commitment to the advancement of workplace equity. This initiative demonstrates the bank's continued commitment to support and drive positive change for the LGBTQ2+ community, both within TD Bank and externally for our customers.


As such, it was important to have a diverse and inclusive team behind the development of the Chosen First Name feature to assess how TD can best support the communities we serve. “As a proud member of the transgender community, I understand the barriers people with chosen first names often face and the painful impact it can have,” said Jay Beaulieu, Senior Business Manager, Consumer Distribution Program and Delivery, TD Bank. “Our goal with the Chosen First Name feature is to provide an accessible option that allows everyone to use their lived name with ease and convenience. This is out of respect for the diverse identities we serve. This enhancement will significantly and positively impact so many lives, including but not limited to members of the LGBTQ2+ community.”


TD is committed to integrating innovation and creativity into the brand. This initial launch lays a foundation for TD to enhance the feature and create more seamless experiences for colleagues and customers. “Our goal is to deliver innovation through best-in-class technology to empower our colleagues to deliver legendary customer experiences. Inclusion is essential to meeting that goal,” said Ravi Acharya, Consumer Distribution Program and Delivery Executive, and Multicultural Network Executive Sponsor, TD Bank. “We are excited to continue building on this initial launch by expanding this feature to other business lines and channels, and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on colleagues and customers.”


Retail customers have the ability to update their Chosen First Name by going to any TD store location in the U.S. and requesting these changes. Once these updates are made, they will be available through in-store and online banking. This feature enables customers to request debit and credit cards that display their Chosen First Names and make those names visible for colleagues to properly address them following authentication.


“At TD Bank, we are passionate about providing inclusive and safe banking experiences for all so our customers and colleagues feel empowered to be their true and authentic selves,” said Jennie Platt, Chief Marketing Officer, AMCB, and Chair of LGBTQ2+ Steering Committee, TD Bank. “We're incredibly proud to launch this Chosen First Name feature as we strongly believe that our customers should have the opportunity to use the names that reflect their true identities. This initiative is a prime example of how we're doubling down on our long-standing commitment to the LGBTQ2+ community and delivering on our Unexpectedly Human brand promise.”


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