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Unapologetically Queer: Visit Sacramento's Sonya Bradley Leads DEI Efforts in California's Capital City

After recognizing the gap in the representation of Sacramento's diverse community, Sonya took bold action.

Sonya Bradley is Visit Sacramento's Chief DEI & Community Relations Officer, who has transformed the city's approach to inclusivity and diversity.  Her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to representation have profoundly impacted Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ community, culminating in the award-winning “Unapologetically Queer” campaign.

Bradley’s journey with Visit Sacramento has been marked by her dedication to understanding and addressing the needs and challenges faced by queer Sacramentans. Under her guidance, the “Unapologetically Queer” campaign was born.

Sonya recognized the importance of highlighting the real lives and experiences of Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ residents. So, her team decided to capture their authentic and diverse stories in this campaign. Visit Sacramento team's bold and authentic portrayal earned them the All Dreams Welcome Campaign Poppy Award, showcasing the campaign's impact and innovation.

Bradley's influence extended beyond "Unapologetically Queer." In 2024, she led the "Find Your People" campaign, which encourages LGBTQ+ individuals to discover their community in Sacramento. This initiative celebrates the city's diverse and inclusive nature.

Party people. Funny people. Artsy people. Adventurous people. Foodie people. Each video in the campaign features the special places and businesses that make Sacramento a melting pot of diverse, welcoming communities.

"Find Your People” is a natural progression of the “Unapologetic” campaign, reflecting Bradley’s ongoing commitment to inclusivity. It continues to show that Sacramento is more than just a place with exciting things to do and beautiful sights to see. It’s a place with inspiration to spark, friends to meet, and priceless memories to make.

This year’s campaign dives even deeper into the heart of Sacramento, highlighting queer nightlife hotspots, minority-owned businesses, outdoor attractions, LGBTQ+ sports leagues, and much more. Through her leadership, Bradley has ensured that the campaigns are not just about marketing but about redefining what LGBTQ+ representation in marketing can and should be: diverse, people-centered, and full of heart.

Sonya Bradley’s impact on Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ marketing landscape is profound and lasting. Her work exemplifies how thoughtful, inclusive, and authentic representation can transform perceptions and celebrate the true essence of a community. With campaigns like “Unapologetically Queer” and “Find Your People,” Bradley has firmly positioned Sacramento as a city where everyone can find their people and be unapologetically themselves.


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