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Get to Know Jadis: Founder & CEO of Motivo Scar Care

Jadis is a visionary rebel and a FTM transgender captain of industry, who marches to his own beat. He has been a business leader and successful serial entrepreneur for a decade. He is currently the founder of two flourishing ventures and a partner in others. Jadis is founder & CEO of Motivo Scar Care, a scar care brand  founded in 2021 with Dr. Jonathan Keith, MD, FACS, the leading gender affirming surgeon in the USA. Building the brand from personal experience, he created Motivo to help empower the community and create one of the only an all-inclusive scar treatment in the industry for every. 


“I created Motivo Scar Care to help the community; the lack of quality and scar-care products and skin color tape was disarming, so I wanted to create a brand that was a safe haven for all people, all colors and races.”


Jadis's journey is truly inspiring, blending entrepreneurship with a deep commitment to empowering and supporting the LGBTQIA community. Motivo Scar Care stands out not only for its innovative products but also for its inclusive ethos and dedication to serving diverse needs. It's heartening to see Jadis using his platform and expertise to make a positive impact, not just in business but also in community outreach and support initiatives. His involvement in organizations like the Transgender Patient Family Advisory Council and StartOut NYC Programming Board underscores his dedication to creating a more inclusive and supportive world for all.

Motivo focuses on creating all an all-embracing scar treatment product that offers a better fit to the consumer's lifestyle, whether it be the LGBTQIA community, new mothers or the sports world; and have purposeful effects. As a premium brand, every aspect of the brand ethos is showcased within the products: quality, purity and effectiveness. Motivo’s skin loving ingredients and precise care methods last longer, perform more effectively, and enable a better quality of life.

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