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Meow Wolf Announces New Chief Inclusion Officer

Arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf announced the appointment of Gennean M. Scott as its Chief Inclusion Officer (CIO). With over two decades of experience in advocating for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA), Scott's appointment is a key milestone in Meow Wolf's dedication to fostering an inclusive culture.


"I'm excited to join Meow Wolf, a company that champions creativity, inclusion, equity, and a sense of belonging — values deeply aligned with my own,” Scott shared. “As Chief Inclusion Officer, I look forward to cultivating an environment where diversity fuels our artistic endeavors, ensuring that everyone, employees and guests alike, feels valued and celebrated."

Scott's professional journey is marked by significant contributions to IDEA, particularly during her tenure as the Chief Diversity Officer at The Broadway League. There, she was instrumental in implementing IDEA principles on Broadway, including conducting the industry's first quantitative and qualitative equity audit and creating union partnerships to support underrepresented communities. She also previously held positions with Omaha Performing Arts and Omaha School of Music.

Her influence in promoting equity extends beyond Broadway. Scott has been at the forefront of founding and leading various arts-based organizations and initiatives dedicated to enhancing belonging, accessibility, and equity. Her efforts have been recognized with numerous awards, including the 2020 IDEAL Leadership Award in Business, and have impacted both corporate and community realms.

"We are delighted to have Gennean join our team at Meow Wolf," said Jose Tolosa, Meow Wolf CEO. "Her remarkable career and passion for the arts make her an invaluable addition to our organization. We look forward to her leadership in Meow Wolf’s efforts to be a model of inclusivity in our industry and beyond."

In her new role as CIO, Scott joins the senior leadership team and will report directly to the CEO. Her vast expertise will be instrumental in guiding Meow Wolf's continued growth, with a focus on ensuring that inclusivity remains a core tenet of the company's culture.

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