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Wired for Success: Rewriting the Code Opens First International Office, Launches Indigenous Women Community, Distributes More than $500,00 via Women in Tech Fund

Rewriting the Code, the largest peer-to-peer network of women in tech, has released its 2023 Impact Report, sharing insight into how the nonprofit is impacting equity in the tech industry. Key 2023 milestones include opening its first international chapter in the United Kingdom, distributing more than half a million dollars through the “RTC Women in Tech Fund,” strengthening its support for Native American women in tech through a new Indigenous-focused community, and more.


“Together, we are not just rewriting the code; we are redefining the future of technology to be more inclusive, equitable, and diverse,” said RTC Founder Sue Harnett. “The London base serves as a beacon for our 700-strong — and growing — U.K. community, promising to offer the same support, opportunities, and network that has been instrumental in the success of our members in North America.”


Following the success of RTCs Black Wings and Latinas de RTC communities, RTC launched the Tech Natives community in April 2023, creating a safe space for Indigenous women navigating the tech industry, which now has more than 100 members. The goal is to enhance retention rates among computing majors by establishing a supportive peer network for students. Tech Natives also promotes inclusivity in the tech industry by connecting students and experienced Indigenous professionals, who can share their experiences and insights. Additionally, the group aims to better understand and address the distinct needs of Indigenous women in the tech field, particularly during recruitment and the early stages of their careers.


One of RTC’s biggest financial investment areas in 2023 was the expansion of the RTC Women in Tech Fund. In 2022, RTC and Last Mile Education Fund announced the RTC Women in Tech Fund, a $1.5 million collaborative fund with Goldman Sachs that aids degree completion for undergraduate women in computing who face financial obstacles to graduation. The fund provides rapid turnaround mini-grants to address urgent needs and larger grants to cover catastrophic events, access to opportunities, and tuition shortfalls. The fund's impact grew by $515,000 in 2023 as more partners joined Goldman Sachs' initial philanthropic investment.


RTC provides an impressive list of partners, from Fortune 100 companies to the most buzzy startups, with a global network of ambitious and talented women through their continuously growing talent database, career summits, summer intern experiences, recruiting events, and more. RTC’s 2023 platinum sponsors included 3M, Accenture, Bank of America, Capital One, JP Morgan Chase, and Palantir Technologies.


Among RTC’s highly curated corporate partnerships include The Goldman Sachs x RTC BootCamp Experience and the Capital One Leadership Retreat. The Goldman Sachs x RTC BootCamp Experience consisted of six weekly virtual sessions, culminating in a two-day on-site experience at the Goldman Sachs New York City’s headquarters, where participants participated in personal and professional development panels and worked side-by-side with Goldman Sachs engineers. The Capital One Leadership Retreat empowered RTC’s Black Wings, Latinas de RTC, and Tech Natives leaders to unite over two days at Capital One’s headquarters. Student leaders participated in educational workshops hosted by Capital One experts and honed the leadership skills necessary to lead their respective communities effectively.


“Our partnership with RTC has been instrumental in enabling us to connect with a host of highly skilled and motivated individuals passionate about careers in technology. These relationships resulted in nearly 35 RTC participants joining Capital One as interns and full-time associates,” said Program Lead for Students and Grads National Partnerships for Capital One, Chiara Barden. “By investing in these personal connections, we gain invaluable insights into the future workforce while fortifying our ability to retain exceptional women in tech.”


Looking ahead to 2024, RTC hopes to bolster its membership by 15 percent to 30,000 members. Simultaneously, it plans to broaden its global footprint, focusing on expanding within Canada and Ireland. RTC is also primed to further diversify its industry partnerships across healthcare, mobility, retail, and entertainment sectors.


"From a young age, I've always known that I wanted to pursue a career in tech. However, given that the only DEI representation in STEM I ever witnessed was ‘Doc McStuffins,’ I assumed my chances of success were nonexistent,” said Layke Jones, RTC Black Wings 2023-2024 Leader. “After joining Rewriting The Code, I quickly realized that constantly searching for depictions of minorities in tech was never the answer. Instead, I could become the representation I sought for all those years.”

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